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On a journey to invoke thought through the power of storytelling.

Shattered Image Films, Inc is a film company that strives to create thought provoking, innovative story telling without limitations and boundaries. 

In 2013 Shattered Image Films produced its very first picture. “Catching Fireflies” is a dramatic short film about a little Latina girl growing up on the gritty streets of Skid Row. It’s captivating narrative and creative directing won “Best Short Film” at the Catalina Film Festival and is currently circuiting many other film festivals with multiple WINS & SELECTIONS. 

The company recently finished post production on its next festival piece aiming to raise awareness about a poignant issue. "Aimee" is a proof of concept short film that exposes the silent epidemic of child sex trafficking happening in the United States.


The next project to be completed is a Sci-Fi/action/thriller that is an intense character-driven plot that drives at the core question of purpose and origin while mentally and physically challenging human fortitude for survival.  

Our mission is to develop quality films that evoke the mind/ thought provoking and stir up the emotions of moviegoers of all cultures. ​

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